At Residential Guru, we take pride in our interior painting projects and love to paint amazing colors inside your home.  Professionally painting your interior is the fastest and least expensive way to make a major change to your home.  We can make product recommendations based on our experience selecting colors and painting homes.  In addition, one of our designers can help you choose the perfect color if you need a little more assistance.  We treat our interior painting projects as a collaboration with the homeowner and our painting teams to achieve a great customer experience and beautifully painted home.
Once you chose to hire the Residential Guru for your interior painting project, we will contact you about scheduling, timeline for completion, how to get prepared for painting, and review our detailed written painting proposal.  Once our painters arrive they follow our systematic process for painting your home. 


1. Pre-Setup walk Through

Our painting foreman will review our detailed painting proposal, review placement of colors, confirm expectations, and answer any questions before we begin.

2. Setup

We will move furniture as necessary, color test the walls, cover furniture with plastic, and protect floors with drop cloths.

3. Preparation

We offer various levels of preparation based on your needs and budget.  We will repair walls, caulk trim, sand walls, and seal stains.

4. Painting

Color!  We will spray, brush, and roll to transform your home.

5. Walk Through

After the color is up and dry, our painting foreman will do a walk through to inspect the painting project.

6. Clean Up

We take pride in leaving our customer’s homes as clean as when we arrived. We will vacuum and wipe down areas as necessary to make sure when we’re done, you don’t have to clean up.