We are the experts in exterior painting. With a proper paint job on the exterior of your home you can be sure your home is protected and will look great for years to come.  Once our painters arrive they follow our systematic process for painting your home.

Our exterior painting process is as follows:

1. Cleaning/Powerwash

It is important that the surfaces we are about to paint are cleaned so the paint can adhere properly and so the finish coatings can look their best.

2. Preparation

We will scrape and sand loose and peeling paint, spot prime bare spots and check for damaged wood, caulk where necessary.

3. Painting

Color!  We apply the paint to change your home by brush, roller or sprayer.  We determine the best application for your painting project at the time of painting to ensure great coverage and a beautiful finish.

4. Walk Through

After the color is up and dry, our painting foreman will do a walk through to inspect the painting project.

5. Clean Up

Once completed, we clean up paint chips, drop cloths, and make sure you don’t have to clean up after we leave!


We guarantee our exterior painting projects against peeling for 1 year from date of completion.  Ask for details about our warranty.